Fashionista Barbie Coloring Pages

    Ken has been Barbie’s boyfriend since 1961, and no, I’m not going to pay attention to that supposed split they had in 2004. I’m sure it was just a rumor for the press. The two has been seen together on way more than one occasion since, and are definitely more than friends.

    And these Ken and Barbie coloring pages capture their moments in time perfectly. The two are a fairy-tale worthy couple. Which is probably why they so frequently star in fairy tales…

    Now, on with the pics:

    Looks like Ken and Barbie are getting married in this one. So I really have no idea why Mattel claimed that he was not into commitment mode…

    Such a perfect couple. I love the straps on that dress. And is Ken wearing a crown?

    Ooohh.. Ken looks so positively royal here. And Barbie’s dress is fantastic! I love the neck line. I want a dress like that now!

    This is a portrait coloring page. Roses go so well with Barbie! (Not to mention the king himself!)

    Light and romantic. There is obviously a party going in the background. And that’s a gorgeous earring, Barbie!

    For those thinking that Barbie is just for little girls, here is a healthy dose of reality:

    Barbie was the theme of a show during the New York Fashion week 2009 .

    Among designers that participated in this show were such heavy heaters as Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Vera Wang and Betsy Johnson.

    The show was packed at capacity with moms and daughters, plus some famous people, like Heidi Klum.

    So there you go. Next time you are coloring some Barbie coloring pages, you can just say that you are practicing your designer skills for the next show.

    And in the spirit of fashion week I’ve decided to post up few coloring pages of Barbie the fashionista.

    Here is Barbie in a very demure night gown.

    And this one looks a bit more formal with a partial hair updo.

    This coloring page features Barbie in a more flashy gown. I love the stars!

    And this is how to blow-dry your hair for that updo a couple of printables above ;)

    And finally… don’t we all wish we looked this gorgeous in a swim suit!

    Happy Birthday Barbie! You still look stunning!

    These are three excellent coloring pages of Barbie and a really cute dog. I assume it’s a puppy. He’s so tiny and cuddly…

    And he’s always with Barbie.

    They go for a walk together:

    They lounge around the house together:

    And they even stick together through the Christmas season!

    And what color would you guess the puppy to be? How about white with black spots?

    Happy coloring!

    This set of Barbie coloring pages has Barbie do the regular every day things in style.

    First there is a very fashionable Barbie wearing a cool retro outfit (check out the sneakers, and the bell-bottoms) walking on a beach. Her playful pup running after her. Judging by the waves and the clouds it’s not a very warm day. Some gray tones in the background are needed. But the clothes can be more colorful. This pic screams 70s, and in the seventies there was lots of color going around… or so I heard ;)

    This coloring page has Barbie walking a dog again. But it seems to be a different dog though. Or the pup has grown up. And the high jeans are much more mid-nineties.

    And this is Barbie fulfilling every girls dream – hugging her pony. She’s so lucky.

    And this is obviously a pre cell-phone era. Barbie talking on a pay phone… Those were the days, my friends, those where the days…

    Stay tuned. There will be lots more Barbie pages for your pencils.

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