Free Printable Princess Coloring Pages

    We got inspired by Disney again and made these free princess coloring pages of Sleeping Beauty princess Aurora:

    and one more printing sheet of Cinderella:

    As I was saying before, when it comes to coloring princesses it's all about the dress and the hair. That's why Cinderella is on the cover of ome the most popular coloring books ever. She's got it all: hair, gloves, shoes and the gown! Of course she's also got a stunning face...

    Sleeping Beauty has a lot of creative design going for her too. This Disney cartoon was specifically drawn to have a medieval feel and to look like living illustrations. So think of this printable as an illustration to a book you wrote :) I find that while with other printable princess pages the instinct is to blend and match the colours. But with princess Aurora -- the more contrasting the colours, the more stunning the effect. Also, regular pencils have a more striking illustration-type effect than crayons.

    But that's just me. After all these coloring pages are free -- so print as many copies as you like and experiment all you want!

    And in this edition of this blog I'm happy to announce two more Free Disney Princess Coloring Pages. Fully printable, of course.

    So, now we have the beautiful Snow White surrounded by her animal support group.

    I love Snow White's hair bow. And I think the animals cuteness factor is a definete 10 out of 10.

    And here we have Ariel, from "The Little Mermaid".

    Princess Ariel certainly knows what she wants. And it ain't swimming. So please color accordingly. Princess Ariel coloring pages need some bold red hair, people!

    Come to think of it, there is no reason to print it on white paper. Print this page on blue, and you'll have ready made ocean!

    Have fun!

    Over the years Disney has given us a whole slue of classic princess characters. So, naturally, what’s a princess coloring pages site without Disney princesses? Would be pretty ridiculous, wouldn’t it?

    So, for your entertainment, here is our first installment of free printable Disney princesses, ready and waiting for your crayons.

    First we have the wonderful Cinderella. Ever since this cartoon came out way back in 1950, girls everywhere had a new heroine to cheer. It’s not that Cinderella wasn’t around before… But the Disney drawings gave it the most fairy-tale like quality. It’s a classic for a reason. Disney artists are notoriously at the top of the game. And Cinderalla came out during the golden age…

    Almost sixty years later girls still want Cinderella coloring pages. That’s a testimony to the power of creative imagination…

    And as for this one:

    ... it's Belle from “Beauty and the beast”. Did you know that this is the only cartoon ever to be nominated for an Oscar in the best picture category? Belle is probably the most modern princess and a great role model for girls. For she is smart, brave and loyal.

    Print and enjoy. (Right click and download the picture or click to print straight away).

    Well, it’s been a good day so I got together a couple more princess coloring pages. Free and printable! Just for you! Ain’t I wonderful?...

    I’m really getting into it. The girl inside is waking up and wants some serious coloring. The whole elaborate gown thing is coming back like a torrent.

    So, what to do with these pictures? Well, naturally first you have to print them. Just right click on the picture and select print. Or you can download them and then print.

    Let me know what other coloring pages you would like to see. I plan to put out more pictures about once a week or so. Some days I’m more inspired than others…

    And of course, don’t forget – for a fun coloring experience you need a good set of pencils, crayons and markers. I’m sure the imagination is already there. Some people are so creative, it boggles my mind the kind of amazing projects they make from simple coloring pages. Greeting cards are one good example. I’ve seen people print a coloring page onto different color pages, and then glue on stars, fabrics and various other crafty little thingies. I shall post some links here at a later day. But for starters, a lady over at this site has some amazingly creative ideas. Check out the link I provided to see the art form she created from a simple coloring page printed of the internet. (I’m not affiliated with her in any way. I’m just blown away by her creativity.)

    A little background on the pictures below.

    This princess has a layered dress. And each can be colored a different colour! I thought there was something inspiring about a simple top with an elaborately layered skirt. Yet it surprisingly feels light and airy…

    Remember I told you that a princess coloring page is all about the hair? I meant it. I have yet to find a popular princess image without long luscious hair. This one has a bit of a Celtic feel to it, don’t you think?

    So print them up, as many copies as you like, and have a ball!

    Finding free princess coloring pages online is really easy. In fact, they are everywhere. Very quickly you’ll figure out the sites that have the best selection for your artist. I can’t even imagine what people used to do before the net. Where did they get all the coloring books? Given how quickly kids go through them, it must have been a constant lookout for new pictures.

    How times have changed. You can now get any of the Disney princesses online (just go to their main site, they have plenty of free pics there). You can also get realistic and fairy tail princesses from traditions all over the world. You can specialize by era, by design, by gowns, and any other features imaginable. Find the pic you like, and just print it. The world of free printable is upon us.

    I am going to put some princess coloring pictures on this site as well. They are totally free and printable. Just click on them and select print. Or check your browser settings. I intend to add more pages as I go along. The beauty of the internet is that no matter how many pages are out there, there is always room for a few more!

    When it comes to princess coloring pages, it’s all about the gowns. Oh yes. There is nothing more important than a huge big skirt to color. Every girl is an inborn fashionista. But the beauty of coloring is that unlike the frequently boring colors of reality, the princesses get to wear dresses of the most creative hue combinations imaginable. Though gold trimming still seem to be the standard. Hmm… I guess some things never go away.

    Why do girls like princess coloring pages so much? Why not something else? Truthfully, I have no idea. It’s been a while since I’ve passed the stage of been a girl, but I still clearly remember the all consuming joy of coloring the princess ball gowns…

    I think it has a lot to do with the fantasy world of the “dress up”. I remember as a girl spending countless hours drawing and coloring tiaras and the most elaborate dress trimmings imaginable. The seams had to have unique gold designs, the shoes had to match the jewelry, and the hair… Oh, that’s a whole story of it’s own. Every princess had to have the most gorgeous and longest hair possible, albeit it could be up in a very elaborate updo.

    With the abundance of free coloring pages on the internet, there is no need to go out and buy the books. Just print out some pages and give them to your girls. Ask them which princess is their favorite. It’s a great conversation starter. You just might find out that your daughter loves coloring Jasmine because she loves animals and she is so brave, or that she loves Bell because she is very smart.

    A princess coloring page does more than just the hand and eye coordination. It brings out the designer in the girl. Very often girls draw in details that are not present in the original page. I’ve seen countless additions of necklaces and earrings. Gloves and hats. This develops a sense of beauty and proportion, an eye for a detail, and appreciation of fashion… Very useful attributes for any woman.

    There are some parents who are concerned that beautiful princess coloring pictures develop wrong stereotypes in girls. I beg to differ. A princess is not so enchanting because she is beautiful (though that also plays a role). But a fairy tale princess is first and foremost enchanting because she is kind. Because she is overall good. Just think about the Snow White’s wicked step mother. She is very beautiful. Yet most girls prefer to color in Snow White, because she is good. Other common princess characteristics are loyalty, resourcefulness, respect for others… A very noble set of aspirations indeed.

    But at the end of the day girls want to color princesses because they are girls. So let them be. This time flies by so fast – so start saving for the real prom dress…

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